Saturday, May 22, 2010


For the next four weekends, Disney's Hollywood Studios is hosting Star Wars Weekends, where every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for a month, the whole park is transformed into a Star War geek's dream world: decorations, and especially, the characters to take a photo with and real actors from the Star Wars series and the voice-actors for the new Star Wars cartoon: Clone Wars. Haily, Kara and I had some special experiences of our own:

As we neared the entrance of the park, I said "I really want to see some Storm Troopers!" and Kara said "Look up!" and I screamed! There above the turnstiles was a troop of Storm Troopers guarding the entrance of the park!

We found this Imperial Soldier hanging out on Sunset Boulevard. He said "I assume you are with the Empire" and I said "Of course". Then he said "I expect to see this photo on Facebook" and I said "Of course"

We waited in line a very long time to see Darth Vader. Apparently he is a big deal or something....who knew....

Darth Maul is INTENSE! He was staring us down with those yellow eyes, I was getting seriously creeped out!!

It was a super fun day, despite the HUGE amount of crowds. How nice to not have to maximize your day at Disney! We took our time looking at things, and only stayed in the park for 3 hours. Ahh, free admission and residence in Orlando. That's the life.

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  1. I wish we were there for Star Wars week! Link (and Ryan) would DIE! Look for little yoda!