Friday, May 7, 2010

Kali River Greeter

Hey friends! I am finally updating again! Every day after work I have come home so trashed! The combination of sun exposure and staying on my feet sure has been wiping me out! But, I am finally starting to get the hang of the demands and have more energy after work, for fun things like the Spring Formal!
This year's College Program Spring Formal was held at Disney Coronado Springs resort, which was beautiful! They had us in a huge room and providing dinner and dancing! Also, there were several character sightings -- Mary Poppins in "London", the Ratattoui Rats in "Paris" and Mickey and Minnie dressed to the nines in "New York"! They had huge murals to show which city they were in. It was a really good time, but it was quite a different feel than BYU dances....nuf said.....
Now let's talk about work! Here is me in my River Guide outfit, prepared to make magical adventures for children of all ages along the rivers in Anandapour. My first day at on the job training, I followed around my trainer Jeremy to get an overview of all the positions at Kali and realized that a lot more goes into working an attraction than the guests can see.

On that first day, my trainer was showing me the First Aid station, and in there was a young couple with a 2 year old boy, and he was crying so hard and holding his wrist. My trainer felt really bad for the little guy, so he took me into "Creature Comforts", the children's store next door. He talked to another Cast Member about the "No Strings Attached" policy, where Disney Cast Members can sometimes go above and beyond and use merchandise or food service to make someone's day. So the lady gave us a little Mickey plush to give to the boy. Well, my trainer handed it to me and told me to make a Magical Moment for the boy and to give it to him. I did so, and he looked terrified, but the parents were appreciative.

I didn't think much about it the rest of the day, but when we were at Fast Pass Distribution about 4 hours later, a young man called out to me, and it was the Dad! He thanked me warmly and said it meant the world that I gave his son the Mickey. Wow!

And that is not all! An hour after that, they were around again, and the Mom thanked me this time! She said he would not let go of that Mickey! The next day, my trainer handed me a paper -- the family had filled out a positive comment card for me at Guest Services! Great for my first day!

Making Magic is such an awesome job. Yesterday there was a little girl who had gotten separated from her parents, but I calmed her down with a hug, some soothing words, and a conservation pin! We found her "lost parents" shortly after. She came back later, grinning and holding out her pin, calling me by name "Ashley! Thanks for the pin!!" It is so easy to make people's day.

Anyways, this entry is getting long. I am loving my job, it is super fun. I start my actual training next week, so I can work all the positions. But for now, I need a nap!


  1. Sounds like you are having a lot of fun!

  2. Nice work, now you just need to try and not lose any kids while on the wild adventurous rapids.

  3. Thanks for making our whole trip magical. It was especially fun to see you on the job. Have fun! We miss you already!