Tuesday, June 1, 2010


It has been my goal lately to expand my Disney horizons and try to do new things at the parks that I have never explored. Yesterday, me and my friend Erin (who works on Dinosaur at Animal Kingdom and goes to BYU) went to Hollywood Studios and Epcot to try new things. Unfortunately, I did not take my camera out very much, but I did catch a few photos:

Erin and I got to be participants on a game show at Innoventions called "Solve Your Problem!" featuring Velcro and how it helps to .... solve your problems. Of course, I don't have pictures of us participating, but here are two dads grabbing babies from the "Infinite Infinator" and putting on diapers and bottles and attaching them to their ManApron all using Velcro of course!

A close up of the Infinite Infinator

Me posing with my "Big Winner" sticker I won and with the host himself "Hook" as in "Hook and Loop Fastener" which is the real name for Velcro!

Other things we did at Innoventions:

Learned to ride Segways! Had to be over 18 and sign a waiver. I wonder if it was more paying for the broken Segway then a broken body....

Storm Simulator, where you got to feel the 4D effects of a storm and then design your house to withstand the storms. Very handy for Florida....Hurricane season opened today....

The Sum of All Thrills, where we designed our own roller coaster (which we named the Gravity Snake) and sat ourselves on a robotic arm and rode our super coaster! Way fun!

Waste Management garbage management game, where Erin and I teamed up (Team DAK! aka Disney's Animal Kingdom) and pushed around a little garbage truck into different ports to sort recyclables, load wet and dry garbage into the incinerator, and finally build a nature reserve over a landfill! Here is my certificate. Something weird happened, so you cannot see the whole thing, but you can imagine it is a whole certificate. What a fun day!


  1. With all your new adventures, have you found any hidden Mickeys??

  2. Yes! Tons! I have lots to tell you about

  3. Nice! I've done the storm one and seen the WM one. Oh and Jamie, I see a hidden mickey right here in the button on the left
    see it? hahah