Sunday, June 20, 2010

Movin' "Up" in the World

This post is LONG overdue! About a month ago, I transfered from Kali River Rapids to Expedition: Everest, Legend of the Forbidden Mountain due to vertigo caused by Kali's continually spinning turn table. And the change has been great for me! Expedition: Everest is a high speed coaster that goes forward and backward in indoor and outdoor conditions. It has speeds up to 55 mph and a max drop of 80 feet. It is the only coaster in the world with 180 degree track switches and home to the largest animatronic in the world. So a pretty neat attraction! Definitely Animal Kingdom's most popular. I am loving it so far and enjoy the exciting and busy atmosphere. There is one con: seeing people throw up!

This is my new costume. I am "staff" for "Himalayan Escapes" travel company that takes you "There and back with the Flying Yak" to the base camp of Mount Everest.

Here is a beautiful view of Everest from the path. It is 199 ft tall and is the tallest mountain in all of Florida.

Here is our biggest lift and also our 80 ft. drop. Splash Mountain is 50 feet, so we trump that!!


  1. Does "the flying yak" have something to do with vomit?

  2. No sir! haha. It is the actual motto on our sign -- our company symbol is a flying yak. The flying yak is also features on my costume on the patch!