Saturday, November 6, 2010

I'm going back to Disney World!

Well thanks everyone for your thoughts and input in my decision making; after much prayer and pondering, I have decided to take the Concierge position at Disney World in Florida! I'm going back!! However, this experience is going to be WAY different from my last program, since I will be working in the Disney Resorts rather than the Disney Theme Parks.

Disney currently has 24 Resorts in Central Florida with 2 outside Central Florida (Hilton Head and Vero Beach) with 2 under construction (1 at Disney World, 1 in Hawaii!!).

Concierge is a special service for guests who would like a more high-end experience (and can afford it!) during their stay at Walt Disney World. I will be working with VIPs, selling tickets, creating personalized vacation packages, greeting guests, and imparting my extensive Disney knowledge so guests can more fully enjoy their Disney Vacation! Could there be a more perfect job for me??

I will be based in one Resort, but have the opportunity to be deployed out to any of the Resorts during my program. Any of the 24 could be my new "home". My Top 2 Choices are: Animal Kingdom Lodge and The Boardwalk Villas -- both super nice! I have attached some pictures for your enjoyment.

I hope you'll start following my blog again for updates before the program and while I am there!

I start January 10th!!! 64 Days!!!

What I am going to look like behind a desk.

Lobby for the Boardwalk Villas

Lobby for Animal Kingdom Lodge


  1. I'm crossing my finger's for you hoping that you get the Animal Kingdom Lodge. Because DAK rocks baby!

  2. Congrats Ash! You will do a fantastic job

  3. I am very excited for you! We stayed at the yacht club once which i think is near the boardwalk, and it's really nice. i'm pretty sure we'll be there right before the new year so we'll just barely miss you!

  4. ohh!!! im so happy to hear that! both hotels are amazing! im from argentina, and im gonna work as merch in one of the parks!!!

    congrats for being acepted in both: florida and california!

    we cant applie for Disney Calidornia :(