Monday, July 19, 2010

Cocoa Beach Trip!

Sorry! Again, so behind on the posts. Part of the problem is that I have stopped taking pictures because my friends always have their cameras out. So I had to get these photos from others. But, I had a super fun weekend (well, OUR weekend -- wednesday and thursday) with my pals at Cocoa Beach, FL.

**These Photos are backwards again....will someone teach me how to work this site??**

First, we tanked up on Dunkin' Donuts before we left town, then hit the open road on our 1 hour drive to the coast. 1 hour and 3 toll booths! This state is insane!
Once we got to the beach, we had fun swimming out really far and playing in the waves. It really has been years since I went to the ocean, and even more years since I have actually swam in the water. And what warm water compared to California!
We were feeling pretty pooped after 3 or 4 hours at the beach, between the swimming and laying out, so we left and headed over to the FIREWORK STORE!!
The man working there seemed to like us and even gave us buy 1 get 1 free on all our purchases. So we had WAY too much artillery for a little group of girls... BRING IT ON!!
Ariel, one of my friends, is from Cocoa Beach, so we got to stay at her house! Thanks Ariel! After showers, we went to the grocery store to buy all the ingredients for our Belated July 4th Celebration!: Hot Dogs, Corn, Watermelon, Chocolate Pudding, ya know, patriotic food.
We had the plan to BBQ the hot dogs and corn, but it was quickly apparent that none of us were Eagle Scouts. So after much trial and fire, the food was ready! Yum!
Then, the FIREWORKS could commence! We had a great show with only 2 hits on the neighbor's homes and only minor injuries sustained. Good work ladies!
Once the fireworks were all gone, we enjoyed our Worms in Mud dessert and fell asleep to Star Trek. Whew, what fun!

Delving into our Homemade Mud

Yum with a side of Sunburn!


We love Cocoa Beach!!